‘Life is winning’: Mike Pence celebrates true American progress in March for Life address

Vice President Mike Pence stood before thousands of pro-life Americans at Friday’s March for Life and delivered a speech that confirmed exactly where the new administration stands on the issue of abortion.

Quoting the Declaration of Independence, Pence listed the “unalienable rights” afforded all humans by their Creator: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“Forty-four years ago, our Supreme Court turned away for the first of these timeless ideals,” he continued, referencing the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

“But today, three generations hence, because of all of you, and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is winning again in America.”


Pence went on to affirm President Donald Trump’s commitment to protecting the unborn.

“Over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we’re in the promise-keeping business.”

He vowed that the new administration would work with Congress to end “taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers.” Pence also noted that next week, President Trump will appoint a Supreme Court nominee that will “uphold the God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution in the tradition of the late and great Justice Antonin Scalia.”

The vice president noted that the Pence family has attended many Marches for Life in the past, but Friday marks the first time the event has ever been attended by a United State vice president. Bravo, Mike Pence!