Clooney Begged For Open Borders… Now Massive Refugee Camp Is Erected In His Front Yard

Donald Trump limited immigration to the United States, by building a southern border wall and signed a temporary ban on certain countries that are main source for Muslim jihadists.

Many public figures and Hollywood stars came out protesting on his decision. One of those stars is Hillary’s good friend George Clooney.

Now his home in Italy became camp for hundreds of immigrants. Take a look.

According to Donald Trump News:

Hundreds of immigrants from third-world countries, mostly Muslims are now staying at George Clooney’s home by the Italian lake Como. Their dream about the north countries and their generous welfare system is apparently over.

Suddenly the Swiss government in an effort of self-preservation, closed it’s borders with Italy and prevented those immigrants to enter their territory. The immigrants have already set up tents on Clooney’s mansion and waiting for a chance to enter Switzerland.

We already witnessed Clooney’s statements where he slammed our president Trump for building a border wall and preventing the immigrants to enter U.S. He also spoke about the deportation of illegal immigrants and the temporary ban on certain countries that Trump already signed. He stated that Trump is “a xenophobic fascist.”

“You forget that these are people who didn’t just leave their country for no reason at all. These are people who left because [of] a terrible tragedy.” said Clooney.

Clooney’s action disappointed some of his wealthy neighbors. Here’s their comments:

‘A small number of immigrants is not a problem but now they are so many. You see them arriving at that the [sic] San Giovanni station. They are not poor hungry refugees but they are big and strong. People here in Como don’t like them. There are simply too many of them.’  said 55-year-old housewife Federica.

It is good for Switzerland that they have closed the border to migrants but it is bad for Italy. We simply don’t have the resources to deal with all these new people. Italy has lots of problems of our own without having to try to deal with other people’s problems. It is a complex situation.’ said 26-year old Santi.

Back in 2016 Clooney had meeting with Angela Merkel, the Germany Chancellor, and thanked her for letting the immigrants enter Germany. What will happen next, remains to see.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Donald Trump News.

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