BREAKING: Trump Announces Border Wall Has 1 Shocking Feature That Enrages Illegals

The left is worried about the border-wall that President Trump announced. They keep on saying that it will be dysfunctional and a complete waste of money. But we all know that that’s not what concerns them.

They’re trying to stop this wall from building because it will effectively stop immigrants.

The reason why they’re against this is not hard to find. The illegal aliens who are in fact their supporters will be banned from the U.S. border and they will lose many voters.

For them the wall means no votes, which is a big problem for them when they’re running against the Democratic party.

A great example that building border-walls is a good idea is the wall that separates Hungary and Croatia. Not only this wall reduced the number of immigrants, it completely stopped this movement. The illegal migration is no longer a problem for these two countries.

Rendorseg is reporting:

“In 2015 Hungary erected a border fence. By October officials said no migrants had breached the fence Hungary built on its border with Croatia on the first day of operation.

The fence includes razor wire to deter migrants from entering.
“No migrants have breached the fence since the border was closed.”

During the month of September 2015 there was a total number of 138,396 migrant entries, and by the first two weeks of November the average daily number of intercepted migrants decreased to only 15, which is a daily reduction of more than 4,500.”

Via Reddit The Donald:

Again, the wall will do no harm for America, only for the Liberals.There are two groups of people who are against this border wall.
The one group contains people who are against this because they believe in harmonized life without borders.

But let’s be real- that couldn’t and wouldn’t exist. Ever. The reason that this wall will be built is equal to why we have locks on our home-doors. Do you get it now? Not everyone has good intentions.

The other group are lefty-supporters. They don’t care about harmony, all they want is political power. Instead of winning with gaining America’s trust, they are buying off immigrants to vote for them. They’re infiltrating them in our country in order to get their votes. I guess they’re not familiar with the legal ways to win elections.

In other words, as the border wall goes up, the left will go down. I guess it’s time for them to search for new ways of winning against the Democrats.

Featured Image Source H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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