Donald Announces New Welfare Rule That Will Save Taxpayers Billions

Statistics show that the United States government puts billions of dollars into public welfare. They have continued to give away money like gamblers at a casino, except the difference is, none of that money has a chance of coming back.

As a result, a growing number of people are living off of our hard-working taxpayers. However, The President has decided to end it.

Ever since he settled in the White House, Trump has made many changes in entitlement programs. They are often a target for abuse and in desperate need of improvement.

With the changes that the Trump administration is planing, people who genuinely need help will be able to get it, while people who abuse the program will be cut off.

According to Breitbart, the President’s administration hopes to bring a  new regulation in the Labor Department, this June that will require drug testing for welfare benefits.

They have used the Congressional Review Act to revoke the previous regulation, made by Obama that prevented states to do these drug tests on people who apply for unemployment benefits.

“President Trump just signed into law my bill that abolishes an Obama-era rule. After five years of battling with the Obama Department of Labor, states like Texas will now be allowed to drug test folks on unemployment to ensure they are job-ready from day one. This is a win for families, workers, job creators, and local economies.”

Dough Holmes, the President of the Strategic Services  on Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation stated that if people want to receive state unemployment benefits, they’ll have to prove that they are able and ready to join the workforce, which will include passing the drug test.

Till today anyone was able to obtain unemployment benefits, even if they were heavy drug abusers. Basically people have been financing junkies to stay on drugs, while there were other people who were in need of existential necessities.

Barrack Obama’s intention was to lower the standard for everyone except private businessmen, so he could have a nation of week and idle drug addicts that he can manipulate into a Socialist regime without resistance.

The new regulation will only require people who seek unemployment benefits to prove they are real honest citizens who fell of the track and need the support of their country to speed the process of their recovery. This way unemployment will be only temporary and jobless people will be encouraged to find new jobs and not rely on collecting checks from the government.

It will be a time-consuming process, but the results will be beneficiary to everyone, in the long run.

Featured Image Source H/T: Breitbart

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