Donald Deletes 13 Billion-Dollar Obama Deal In Two Democrat States

Barrack Obama had a very special gift for spending money. The only problem is, that money wasn’t his to spend!

The marvelous plan for government, for Democrats has always been to spend, and then spend some more.  The only fruit from that poisonous tree were: higher taxes, less jobs, and damaged businesses.

However, since President Donald Trump stepped in office, everything started to gradually change. In just a year, he has managed to save taxpayers billions with regulations on government cuts and tax cuts.

The newest revelation  is  that he just put an end to a very bad deal.

According to the Conservative Tribune: While he was in office, former President Barack Obama worked out a $13 billion rail tunnel for two deep-blue Democrat states in which U.S. taxpayers would be paying for half of the bill. Luckily for the American people, President Donald Trump is in office now to put a stop to this overpriced project.

They say, as reported by Fox News, the plan intended to renovate Amtrack tunnels and tracks between the states of New York and New Jersey that have been deteriorated.

The problem here isn’t whether to make the repairs or not, but rather who is going to pay for those repairs.

Originally, it was intended that the costs would be separated between the New York state, the state of New Jersey and the federal government.

But according to Fox News, both stated have been having a change of heart. Now they want only government to pay for the repairs.

In other words, as the report from the Fox says, they want to “pay nothing at all for themselves up front, while the rest of the country picks up the tab for improvements to a transportation system overwhelmingly used by residents of New York, New Jersey and other Northeastern states.”

This information comes as no surprise however, since the two states are known for their mafia ties, and it is completely natural that they’ll try to use these ‘strong-arm’ tactics.

But why should other states pay for their repairs?

President Trump agreed to stick to the original deal and let the government cover one third of the repair-costs, but it looks like the crooks in New York and New Jersey are trying to make government pay for the whole thing.

Luckily, Trump won’t allow this. He promised to rebuild infrastructure, but not under these circumstances. They’ll have to invest too, if they want their problem fixed.


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