Thanks to liberal politicians and their work, Minnesota has turned into a Sharia ruled state in the past several years, with waves of Muslim refugees flooding the country.

These refugees have infiltrated the state without proper vetting which has caused the rate of violence to increase.

There was one incident that served as an example of the devastating results of Muslim inflation over the past summer, when a Somali Muslim police officer shot and killed a white woman after she called 911 to report a crime.

Justine Damond called the police to report a crime in her neighborhood, and that cost her, her life. Not long after that, yet another woman was attacked and the mainstream media have put a lot of effort into keeping it silent.

Since they managed to get away with murder, in the incident with Justine Damond, these Somali Muslims were  encouraged  to parade the streets of Minnesota harassing and threatening people. As a result of government underestimating these threats, now, another woman has been attacked just before Christmas, and she barely survived the assault .

According to WND, the woman was returning home in downtown Minneapolis on a late night on December 13 when a black man emerged from a vehicle, chased her down the street, and stabbed her multiple times in the body  with a 3-4 inch blade. The woman’s name was Morgan Evenson. She tried to  fight back, kicking and screaming for help.

Eventually people heard her and ran towards the sound to help. The attacker who fled immediately, was described as a young Somali man, probably in his 20’s, about 5-foot-7, slight build, and dressed in grey stone jeans.The 26-year-old Evenson was left bleeding on the curb with 14 stab wounds on her back and arms.

Reportedly, the accident took place while she was coming back from the Apple Store, where she worked, that was about 8 blocks from her home. The man attacked her for no reason.

According to the police who have not managed to arrest the attacker it was a ‘botched robbery’. The woman told KSTP she considers herself lucky to be alive right now.

Evenson said: “It was horrifying because I could feel something that felt like it was stinging me, but it was him stabbing me,” adding “Doctor’s told me I had 14 wounds that needed stitches, including a lacerated kidney.”

She told KSTP she is focused on her recovery now and that she’s trying to help the police catch this criminal so that he can’t repeat his crime again.

She said “I cannot imagine anyone attacking someone like that and as a woman, it is especially frightening, but I knew I had to fight back and I want him to know I am OK and that he will be caught.”

The police thought it was unusual that the attacker would use this much brutality over stealing a woman’s purse.

The report also said: The newspaper’s on-duty news editor, Maria Reeve, did not return WND’s calls Tuesday to inquire about why it went dark on such a brutal, unprovoked attack on a defenseless, unarmed woman walking home from work.Other media, such as the Southwest Journal, have reported on the crime but left out the assailant’s full description as a Somali migrant.

Three weeks have passed so far since the accident and  the police have no luck on arresting the attacker.

In fact, Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Neale said for the Southwest Journal, a week after the incident, “We’re still scratching our heads about it, because it’s just so brazen,” considering the level of violence used just to “get a purse.”

This is an accurate observation considering the fact that Morgan herself stated that the intention of the attacker was never to steal her purse.

The mainstream media still chooses to remain silent on this horrible crime while they focus on false stories about Russian Collusions.  The left’s interest is to bury these atrocious crimes so they can continue to welcome more Muslims to the country. And it seems that the police and local officials are all on board with this.

These Muslim refugees have no intention of conforming to  our western society and continually harm our residents, making places like Minneapolis and other cities across the U.S. their targets for attack.

Featured Image Source H/T: Illegal Alien Crime Report

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